quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

Denmark, Danish East India Company

Left to Right: Sepoy 1829; European Infantry 1791;
European Officer 1829

France, Grenadiers à Cheval de la Maison du Roi, 1720





Maréchal des Logis


Sous Lieutenant




France, Regiment des Dromedaires,c.1800

Left: (front and Back) Third Parade Uniform, 1800-1802
Right: First Parade Uniform, July to December 1799       

France, Dragons de l'Imperatrice, Helmet, 1855

France, Dragons de l'Imperatrice, 1855

United Kingdon, British Soldiers, 1942

terça-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2011

Netherland, Infantry, 1675

France, Dragons de l'Imperatrice, 1855

Romania, Infantry, c.1900

Romania, Artillery,c.1900

Romania, Horse Artillery, c.1900

Germany, Helmet 1st Cuirassiers (Schlesien), 1889

Germany, Offiziers Chapskas, c.1900

20 Uhlans                                         13 Uhlans.

domingo, 23 de janeiro de 2011

U.S.A., M 10 Tank Destroyer, 1943

U.S.A., an American Soldier with a Chinese Soldier Incorporated in the Forces of General Stilwel, 1943

United Kingdon, Montgomery Soldiers through Cyrenaica to Tripolitania, 1943

Russia, Antiaircraft Machine Gun in Moscow, 1942

Germany, Uhlans Regimenter,c.1900

Left to Right:1 Uhlans von Hannover; 1 Uhlans von Brandenburg (Kaiser Alexander II von Russland); 2 Uhlans von Brandenburg; Uhlan von Litauen; Uhlan von Westfalen; Uhlans von Schleswig-Holstein; 2 Uhlans von Hannover; Uhlans von Altmark.

France, 15e Dragons, 1914

sexta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2011

France, The Cavalry Crosses the Desert, 1943

France, French Military Column Leclerc Advance from Lake Chade to Tripolitania, 1943

Italy, Mussolini Visited Berlin, 1937

Australia, General William Slim, Commander of the British 14th Army in Burma, 1945

United Kingdon, R.A.F. Flying Over Paris, 1944

Germany, Uniform Bodyguards, Officer, 1914

Germany, Helmet Officer's Bodyguards, 1914

Germany, Helmet of the Prussian Officer Cuirassiers, c.1880

France, Grenadier 14eme Ligne, 1807-1809

France, Sabres Modèle 1767

France, Fusilier, 81eme D'Infanterie de Ligne, 1812

quinta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2011

Germany, Husaren-Regiment,c.1899

Left to Right: 2 Leib Husaren (Kaiserin); 2 Husaren von Brandebourg (H. Ziethen); 4 Husaren; 1 Husaren von Preussischen-Rhein (König Wilhelm I); 2 Husaren Westfalen; Husaren von Thüringen; 2 Husaren von Preussischen-Rhein; Husaren von Hannover  

Germany, Kolback and Cap of the 15th Hussar, full dress, c.1910

United Kingdon, British Soldiers watching a German Cannon destroyed, 1944

U.S.A., American Forces Advancing to the north of Italy, 1944

United Kingdon, R.A.F. Marshal Leigh Mallory, 1944

U.S.A., American Forces Landed on Guadalcanal, 1942

France, Hussard de la Mort, 1793

France, Guide du Maréchal Mortier,c.1808