segunda-feira, 15 de agosto de 2011

U.K., King's African Rifles, 1940

U.K., Guards Regiment, 1940

U.K. "Tommies", 1940

Cyprus, Troops, c1941

Canada, Second Division, 1941

U.K., First Gordon Highlanders, 1941

Canada, Scottish Soldiers, 1941

India, Troops,c1939

Maltese, Troops, c1939

New Zeland, Troops 1939

Canda, Welcome Newfoundland Troops, 1940

U.K., Royal Army Ordenance Corps, 1940

Canada., Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in GB, 1941

U.K., The Northumberland Fusiliers, 1940

New Zeland, Motorized Forces, 1940

New Zeland Motorcycle, Training in Aldershot, 1940

U.K., Militarys Vehicles, c1941

U.K., Anti-Tank Cannon, c.1941

U.K. , The British troops Advance, 1941/1942

South Africa, Transvall Horse Artillery, undress, 1970

South Africa, Irish Regiment, 1962

terça-feira, 9 de agosto de 2011

UK, Section of Air Force Armoured Cars, 1941

Uk, Blenheim Bomber Pilots, 1941

UK, British Tanks in Desert, 1941

UK, British Tanks in Egypt, 1941

UK, Cruiser Tank Disembarking in Egypt, c1941

United Kingdon, The Lysanders Flyng over the Timsah Lke, Suez Channel, 1941

Germany, Foreign Journalists Visit, c.1940

Germany, A Team of a Military Glider, c1940

Garmany, Military Glider, c1940

Germany, watching the Channel, c1940