domingo, 20 de fevereiro de 2011

France, Matelot des Marins de la Garde Impériale en Grand Tenue, 1807

France, Matelotes, 1813

United Kingdon, Anti-Aircraft Gun in Singapore, 1941

Anglo-American Expedition in North Africa, 1943

Russia, an Officer in the Front, 1942

France, Chasseur D'Orléans, 1845

Left to right: Capitaine de Carabiniers; Lieutenant; Carabinier; Chef de
Bataillon; Clairon and Sapeur

Germany, Artillery General Helmet of Württemberg,c.1900

Germany, Preussen, Feldartillerie und Fussartillerie,c.1900

Left to right: 1st Guard Company Regiment of Artillery; 2nd Guard Comp. Rgt. Art;
Guard Foot Artillery Rgt.Pute Schellen Baum; 1st Field Art. Rgt. Ostpreussen;
Art. School; 5th Foot Art. Rgt. of Schlesien; Art. Lieutenant; 1st. Foot Art.
Rgt. of Ostpreussen.

sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011

France, Marin, 1813

South Africa, Army Women's College at George, 1988

Italy, The "R.N. Ancona", 1929

Russia; Cossacks of the Imperial Guard, 1904

United Kingdon; Tanks at El-Alamein, 1943

United Kingdon, Montegomery's Tropps in Tunisia, 1943

United Kingdon, Patrol in Germany Territory, 1944

U.S.A.; The Famous American General Bradley in France, 1944

U.S.A.; Americans March to the Siegfried Line, 1944

quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

France, Grenadier à Cheval de la Maison du Roi, 1720

Switzerland, Chasseur, 1860

Netherland, Dutch East India Company Troops, Regiment de Meuron, 1781-1795

Left to Right: Piponeer; Ensign; Grenadier; Artillery

Germany, Helmet of Hess Dragoons, 1845

France, Capitaine d'Armes des Troupes des Galères de Marseille, 1715-1720

Romania, c.1900

Romania, Officer, c.1900