domingo, 31 de julho de 2011

United Kingdon, the "Ironsides"

United Kingdon, with the american Thompson, c.1940

United Kingdon, One Vicker, c.1940

United Kingdon, one Range-finder and one Vickers, c.1941

United Kingdon, The Green Howards in one block-house with Bren machine-guns, c.1942

United Kingdon, Howitzer 152mm, c.1943

Italia, Finanzieri Romani, 1800 to 1830

South Africa, witwatersrand Rifles, 1962

South Africa, Witwatersrand Rifles, review order (no. 1 dress), 1965

South Africa, Commandos, mess dress, 1965

South Africa, Air Force, mess dress

Right: pre 1952  -  Left: post 1952

South Africa, Commandos, review order (no. 1 dress), 1966